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11 January 2015

Aiming For The Stars

And I have a word for you this year: Aim for the stars. Well, it's a sentence. Saying I have a sentence for you this year doesn't sound half as cool as saying I have a word for you this year. So, once again, my word for you this year is to aim for the stars. 

Dream big dreams. Make big plans. Have great expectations. And in all you do this year, put in the kind of effort you would put in if you were sure you would be successful. Put in your best always. This year, aim to be the best you can. And as there is a star in each one of us, you belong among the stars. So, aim for the stars.

There are 12 months this year. 53 weeks. 365 days. You have to make each day count. When you take care of the days, the weeks will take care of themselves and the months will be the best they can. 

Take your big plans for this year and break them down to very small daily tasks. That's what astronauts do. They break their out-of-this-world plans into easily manageable daily tasks. And that's how they got to the moon and travel the outer space.
I doubt that your big plans can be bigger than those of an astronaut. So you can be sure that breaking them down to daily small activities will work for you too. The best part of aiming for the stars is that you'd go further than you've ever been. You would achieve things you never thought possible. You would live a more interesting life. And you would become a star (at something, at least).

Today you have been given a fresh opportunity to do something great with your life. You have been given a new opportunity to make your biggest dream come true. You have been given 365 plain pages to write out the story you want read about you. I want you take this opportunity and put in your best.

Don't look at the things holding you down. Don't look around you at the privileges you don't have. Don't even look within for some miracle to happen. I want you to fix your eyes on the stars. Keep you eyes on the stars and aim to be among them. Aim for the stars.

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